About Me

Hi, my name is Jed Lowrie. I am many things, but I take particular pride in
two of my passions, my job,-playing professional baseball in the Major Leagues--and photography. 
I spend most of the year training for and playing baseball, but I spend a couple months 
during every offseason honing and advancing my photographic skills.  My wife and I
both love to travel so it gives me the opportunity to make images from
around the world and share them with you.

- "King" is featured in the March/April 2014 issue of Wildlife Photographic 


- "Morning Chores" won Honorable Mention for the NYC4PA Animals exhibit.


All prints can be hand signed by myself with the title if you so choose. This
will delay delivery momentarily as the print will have to be shipped to my
location first, then onto you. If you would like your print signed please send to:

Jed Lowrie
Houston Astros
501 Crawford Street
Houston, Texas 77002

If you want the prints as quickly as possible, they can be shipped directly to you

without a signature. All of my images are available in print and or for download 

for your personal use only. International shipping is not included in the price.

Please enjoy my work and if you have any questions or comments contact