A beautiful little girl in a small town in Belize peers around the corner to watch some young boys play soccer. The colors and mood of this photo are striking.

Piering into the Future

The sun setting behind the pier projected a light directly through the long tunnel created by the stilts. The structure of the pier draws your eye directly to the light.


The light was perfect for about 5 minutes and the fisherman's timing was impeccable. There are so many elements of this image I love. The storm clouds in the background are dramatic, the reef seperating the crashing waves from the calmer waters inside, the silhouetted fisherman using a pole to propel his vessel, the wake of his boat breaking through the calm waters and the bird gliding past. Very harmonious.


Sitting in the shark tank gives a great perspective at a PBR event. I love the motion blur in this image. It shows the intensity and violence of the moment. Available in black and white in a limited edition print series of 100.


This weathered wooden wheel with turquoise specks leaning against a terracotta colored wall reminds me of Mexico in many ways. Vibrant.

Life's a Blur

This image was finally captured after hours of watching the TTC streetcars pass back and forth on the corner of Queen and Peter. I wanted to portray movement in clarity juxtaposed with stationary objects blurred.

El Angel

A tribute to the heroes of the Mexican independence, the angel stands 115 feet tall overlooking Paseo de la Reforma in the heart of Mexico City. The statue is lit up at night and the waxing moon is situated nicely behind her.